The war museum has two main floors which covers wars for over 250 years.
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Guided Tours
Many tours can be guided to help share personal experience and storys to class tours.

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Self Tours
Gives the chance for individual exploration throught the vast exhibits.

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Family Tours
Having a personal family connection to the exhibits gives a great experience for the entire class.

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Honoring and Remembering
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  A Brief History
The Vermilion County War Museum occupies almost 14,000 square feet, and displays memorabilia and artifacts from the Revolutionary War to Operation Iraqi Freedom. It resides in the old Carnegie Library building.
The City of Danville turned over this vacant historic landmark to the Museum in 1998, and, through the efforts of a great number of people who donated thousands of hours of labor, it was restored to its' present condition.
We opened to the public on Veteran's Day, 1999. Since that day we have had over 10,000 visitors, from every state and many foreign countries. We have over 400 members, many of which donate their time to the museum. New display materials and artifacts arrive constantly. With the addition of an elevator, we are accessible to everyone.

Our Mission Statement
We provide this museum proudly and openly for the public. Please help us with our mission.
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307 North Vermilion Street
Danville IL 61832
(217) 431-0034


The Vermilion County War Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Privacy Policy.